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    epoxy floor coating

    Epoxy Flooring

    Durable and resistant, epoxy floors are amazing.

    Our clients always assume that epoxy flooring is only for garages and warehouses, but that is not the case! Professionally installed epoxy floors can be installed to help decorate a home or business as well as kitchens, warehouses, shopping centers and so much more. Wherever you need a floor to be resistant to constant use and aesthetically pleasing while doing it, epoxy floors are what you’re looking for.
    Our epoxy system is a resin and hardener-based mixture that cures with your concretes pores to ensure the surface is stronger, more resistant, and longer-lasting than concrete without the epoxy mixture.

    Don’t wait, epoxy floors offer limitless benefits for those who call our team! Including:

    • Low prices between $3-$12
    • Antimicrobial
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Anti-staining
    • Crack-resistant
    • As strong as 10,000 PSI
    • Quick installation
    • Chemical damage resistant
    • Little to no maintenance required

    All of our Services in a Nutshell

    Professional Guidance from us to you!

    Having services performed on your home and/or business can be a stressful and sometimes terrifying experience for owners who are unsure how the final product will turn out. With us, our team is highly qualified through licensure and decades of experience. Don’t worry when you call us! Check below and find what you’re looking for today.
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Garage floors don’t just need to be resistant; they need to be long-lasting. Our epoxy installations are prepared for anything, including:
    • Grease and oil leaks
    • Chemicals and road salts
    • Vehicle fluid damage
    • Crack and impact damage
    Basement Epoxy
    Epoxy Basement Flooring
    As the foundation of your home, your basement should always be well protected and resistant to common issues like water and excessive moisture. Our professionals ensure that your basement is:
    • Water and moisture resistant
    • Mold and mildew resistant
    • Easily maintainable
    • Quickly installed
    • Aesthetically diverse
    Metallic epoxy flooring
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    These types of epoxy floors require true artistic ability and knowledge. The distinctive features unique to metallic epoxy floors should always be installed and perfect by experienced professionals. When you have the surface professionally installed you are ensuring your surface is:
    • Well customized
    • Resistant to high foot-traffic
    • Slip-resistant
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Antimicrobial
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    Your pool deck should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, not a place where your feet burn, cracks plague your vision, and the dangers of slipping are on your mind. Our pool deck resurfacing services ensure that you don’t waste money completely ripping out your surface because we can resurface the area and offer:
    • Rejuvenated pool decks
    • Complete deck transformation
    • Heat and slip-resistant qualities
    Rustic Wood Flooring
    Rustic Wood Concrete
    Authentic wood is gorgeous, but it is expensive and needy. The maintenance responsibilities are extremely important and may outweigh their beauty. Rustic wood concrete allows you to have all of the maintenance benefits of concrete and all of the aesthetic benefits of wood.
    • For indoor and outdoor installation
    • Little maintenance requirements
    • Undamaged by pets, children, and heavy foot traffic
    • Customizable wood effects
    Concrete Sealing
    Concrete Sealing
    Naked concrete is extremely vulnerable to mold, bacteria, cracking, impact, staining and so much more. Concrete sealing protects your concretes pores and overall life-expectancy. Concrete is extremely porous and will absorb all liquids that come into contact with it if it has not been properly sealed, our team will ensure that your surface is sealed and is:
    • Resistant to staining
    • UV-ray protected
    • Crack free
    • Waterproof
    epoxy concrete floor
    Concrete Staining
    No one enjoys having a decorative concrete surface that is peeling, lifting, discoloring, easily damaged, or one that needs constant maintenance and repairs. With a professionally stained concrete surface, all of the aforementioned issues become extinct. Staining concrete is a permanent solution to discoloration and possible UV-ray damages, so this is a great option for backyards, patios, indoors, and so much more.

    Our professionally stained concrete offers:

    • Long-lasting designs
    • Earth tone colors
    • Indoor and outdoor opportunities
    • Discoloration, lifting, and peeling resistance
    • High-end aesthetics
    Don’t trust just anyone with your surfaces
    Affordable And Professional Services
    Call our experts to get started with your residential or commercial project!
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    Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    Services here in Jacksonville.

    Commercial epoxy flooring helps businesses worry less about their floors and more about their clients and their business. Our installations are flawless in appearance and resistance. With our abilities to create anti-fatigue floors, high foot-traffic, exposure, scratches, and more do not damage our commercial client’s floors. We have serviced:
    • Restaurants
    • Retail centers and shops
    • Grocery stores
    • Public restrooms
    • Libraries
    • Hotel lobbies
    • And so much more
    commercial epoxy flooring
    Residential epoxy flooring
    Residential epoxy floors can be extremely versatile from room to room and resistant to common damages caused by children and pets. This modern and chic look has led our team to install many residential epoxy floors throughout the Jacksonville area! Our services include:
    • Fire-resistant floors
    • Epoxy in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms
    • Low to no maintenance requirements
    Industrial epoxy floors need to be able to withstand any damage that comes their way on any given day. The surfaces can be exposed to chemicals, impacts, industrial equipment, and more. Our industrial clients need the most durable and antimicrobial surfaces the industry can offer! Industrial areas we have serviced include:
    • Warehouses
    • Packaging plants
    • Laboratories
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Chemical plants
    • And more!
    industrial epoxy floor coating
    Jacksonville Flooring Solutions
    Long-Lasting Flooring
    We offer unlimited designs, incredible durability, and the ability to customize!
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    Specific Epoxy Flooring Benefits

    Invest in your floors

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a business floor or a home floor design, our team offers incredible installations that come with fantastic benefits.
    Some benefits you’ll find from our epoxy floors include:

    Incredible Pricing

    Low-prices and long-lasting floors contribute to incredible savings.



    Epoxy floors do not require extensive care or treatments.


    Property Value

    Add a seamless surface to your home and quickly see your property value rise.



    Install epoxy in your home, business, basement, warehouse, etc. you name it, epoxy can help.



    Keep your clients, friends, and family safe with our epoxy floor designs


    Fire Resistant

    Your garage, basement, business, and wherever else you have epoxy will be safe from fire and heat damage.


    Chemical Resistant

    Fantastic for garages, industrial properties, and areas that need more protection from corrosive and damaging substances.


    Different Material Appearances

    You can have a concrete floor that mimics marble, wood, tile, and more.


    Quickly installed

    Our installation will not interrupt your routine for long because it is quick to install and quick to be used.


    Scratch and Impact Resistant

    Don’t worry about dragging furniture, toolboxes, pets running around, or small children damaging your floors.



    Our natural materials are non-toxic, and your floors are long-lasting add to eco-friendly design.


    Aesthetically Pleasing

    We can customize your floors with different colors, designs, and patterns for your property.

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