Sealing Your Concrete

Long-lasting protection to keep your concrete strong!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your standard or decorative concrete looking beautiful and performing better, concrete sealing is for you! When concrete is unsealed, it’ll be prone to damage from spills, moisture, chemicals, and more. With professional concrete sealing, we can make your old or new concrete last as long as possible with benefits like:

  • Easier Maintenance
  • Improved Performance
  • Extended Longevity
  • Below, we’ll cover all of the info about our concrete sealing services.y
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    The Benefits of Sealing Concrete

    Sealing concrete is an essential part of the maintenance for any concrete surface, indoors or out. This protective coating offers many different benefits to home and business owners alike. Whether you’re sealing old concrete or new, standard concrete or decorative, or residential or commercial, sealing your concrete is vital to getting the most out of your surfaces.

    Extend the Life of Your Concrete

    Typically, your concrete should last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. However, if it develops extensive cracking or staining, you may have to replace it sooner than normal. Sealing it can increase the durability of your concrete, ensuring that it will last those 25 or 30 years without breaking down.

    Prevent Mold or Mildew Growth

    As concrete is a porous surface, it can absorb water and moisture. If your concrete is in an area where it will frequently be exposed to wet conditions, it’s more likely to develop mold and mildew. This can cause discoloration and create slippery conditions where growths have formed. Sealing concrete will protect it from this growth and keep it safer and looking beautiful.

    Increased Protection

    There’s a lot out there that can damage your concrete, so it’s important to keep it protected. A quality sealer will protect your concrete against everything, including oil, grease, grime, stains, and UV rays that cause fading. Sealing concrete will also protect it against freeze and thaw cycles as it blocks moisture.

    Improve Concrete Color

    When unsealed, concrete discoloration can occur when your surfaces are exposed to the sun and harsh weather. Your concrete can start to age prematurely and look unsightly. Our sealants will keep your concrete’s color intact and protect against the elements, keeping it looking attractive and clean for years to come.

    Increase Property Value

    Having your concrete sealed will make it look new again and keep it looking that way for years. Whether you plan on renting or selling your property, potential renters or buyers usually consider the flooring condition as one of the most important factors. Your property’s value can increase dramatically and make selling or renting much easier by keeping your concrete looking great and performing well.
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    The Concrete Sealing Process

    Concrete Sealing

    Surface preparation is the first step in the sealing process. Any residue, stains, dirt, or dust must be removed as they can hinder the adherence of the sealer. Most sealers require any previous sealants to be stripped from the concrete as well. Once your concrete’s surface has been properly cleaned and prepped, we can begin applying the new coat of sealer. Depending on whether we’re applying a solvent- or water-based sealant, we’ll either roll or spray the sealer on, coating the entire floor. We typically apply two thin coats of sealer to ensure that your concrete is thoroughly protected. The first coat will need between two and four hours to dry before we can apply the second coat. After the final coat of concrete sealant has been applied, it will need to cure before you can use it. Your concrete sealer will need between 24 and 48 hours, depending on the type of sealant used, to fully cure before it’s safe for heavy foot traffic.
    Concrete Sealing
    In Jacksonville, Florida
    If you’re ready to reseal your old concrete or seal your brand new concrete, we’re the industry leaders in Jacksonville! Our team only works with the highest quality products and equipment to ensure that you’re receiving nothing less than the best in craftsmanship and service. If you’re ready to have your concrete sealed and protected, give us a call today for a free estimate!
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    Why You Should Seal Your Concrete

    Functional and Affordable

    You’ve already invested in having concrete installed around your home or business, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it? When you leave your concrete surfaces unsealed, they will absorb water and moisture. This will always lead to cracks, chipping, and pits throughout your concrete. Unsealed concrete is also much more susceptible to staining from water, oil, and other materials. This makes your concrete go from a beautiful addition to your home or business to an unsightly nightmare. Aside from making your concrete look bad, this damage can even create hazardous conditions for your family or your employees. Cracks and chips in your concrete will become trip hazards over time as they grow and become worse. Stains caused by oil or grease can be slick if they’re oversaturating the concrete, creating even more slip hazards. If your concrete becomes extensively damaged and needs replacing, it can be an expensive project to undertake. However, this can all be prevented with concrete sealing. Having your concrete sealed professionally is an affordable service that is well worth the investment, both for your safety and the appearance of your property.

    Sealant Gloss Levels

    We can do it all!

    Similar to paint, concrete sealers come in different levels of gloss to suit your specific needs. We can work with you to help determine which finish is the best for your space. Our various sealants can provide many different finishes, including no gloss, matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and high-gloss. The level of sheen all depends on the type of sealer that you choose for your space. Solvent-based sealers can provide a gloss level from gloss to high-gloss. Water-based sealers will provide a level of gloss from matte to semi-gloss. Penetrating sealers do not provide any level of gloss to your concrete. Bear in mind that solvent-based sealers will darken the surface of your concrete more than water-based, which can produce a wet look on your concrete. Our team of professionals has experience with each of these sealant types. We can install whichever sealant works best with your concrete surfaces and achieve the finish that you desire for your space.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How often should concrete be resealed?

    The amount of time between sealer applications can be dependant on a few different factors. If your concrete is in a high-traffic area, such as walkways, patios, or pool decks, it may need resealing more often. Exposure to work areas, like garages, workshops, and sheds, can increase the frequency of resealing as well, due to the increased chance of chemicals being spilled or damage occurring. However, on average, concrete flooring should be resealed roughly every 2 to 5 years. If you notice that your concrete absorbs water quickly and it doesn’t bead up on the surface at all, it may be time to reseal.

    What concrete surfaces should be sealed?

    Practically all concrete surfaces can benefit from sealing. Any concrete surfaces that are outdoors should always be sealed to protect them from the weather. However, indoor concrete can be sealed to reduce dust accumulation, resist chemicals and abrasions, repel stains, or simply preserve the concrete’s appearance. No matter where your concrete is located or what it’s used for, it’s a good idea to have it sealed regularly.