Rustic Wood Concrete

A trending flooring making homes beautiful

Rustic wood concrete floors area popular trend among many homeowners. This flooring is not only durable but offers the natural beauty of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for anywhere in your home there are many benefits to this floor including:

  • Will last for many years to come
  • Beautiful flooring that is low maintenance
  • Affordable; a fraction of the price of traditional hardwood.
    With this beautiful floor can come a lot of questions! We are here to help and below you can find out more about Rustic Wood Concrete
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    Benefits of Rustic Wood Concrete

    Rustic wood concrete has many different benefits and is great for those who want beautiful hardwood floors but are on a budget. This flooring is strong and will last for many years to come making it a great investment. There are many different benefits to rustic wood concrete!

    Indoor/Outdoor Installation

    Rustic wooden concrete is great for both indoor and outdoor installation. This style of concrete makes a great porch, patio, or pool deck to increase curb appeal. Indoors it’s great in any area of your home from your living room to your bathroom you can’t go wrong!

    Great for Households with Pets

    Households with pets can benefit greatly from rustic wooden concrete. Pets can take a toll on your flooring between scratches and accidents, traditional wood floors won’t stand a chance. Rustic wooden concrete is a durable flooring that can withstand the toll that pets can take on it and is easily maintained!


    With tradition, wood flooring water can be a scary thing. Too much water while cleaning or even a leak in your home and your floor could be ruined, creating an expensive repair ticket. With rustic wooden concrete, it’s waterproof, letting you have peace of mind. This durable floor can withstand water leaks without bowing or rotting like other hardwood.

    Easily Cleaned and Maintained

    Rustic wooden concrete is easily cleaned and maintained. WIth other wood floors, you have to buy special cleaners and sealers, but this flooring only requires a good sweeping. This flooring can withstand the heavy load and heavy foot traffic without discoloration and is perfect anywhere in your house inside or out!

    Environmentally Safe & Sustainable

    If you ever worry about your carbon footprint, rustic concrete floors are a great flooring choice! No trees are harmed in the installation of rustic wooden concrete, and they will last for many years to come without needing replacement. All the materials used are environmentally safe, and your conscious will rest easy.
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    Common Places to Install

    Rustic Wood Concrete

    Rustic wooden concrete is such a versatile flooring that can be installed anywhere. Whether you want this flooring indoors or outdoors, rustic wooden flooring can accommodate both! In your living room, it can accent your fireplace or furniture and bring a warmer ambiance where you spend time with your family. This style of flooring is waterproof, making it perfect for your bathroom floor! There’s never a worry about flooding your floor after a shower or slipping while getting out of the tub. Rustic wooden concrete floors are becoming a popular trend among homeowners because of its durability and many color options. In outdoor areas, you can install this flooring around your pool to bring a unique look to your outdoor area without sacrificing durability. Patios and porches can also be great areas for rustic wooden concrete because of their durability and how beautiful they are! There are many different colors to choose from to mimic the look of oak, cherry, or whatever you have in mind! When you install rustic wooden concrete as your patio or porch, it is guaranteed to last for many years to come and will increase your curb appeal! All of your friends and family will be impressed!
    Rustic Wooden Flooring
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    When you choose Epoxy Flooring Jacksonville to do your rustic wooden flooring, you are choosing excellence! We are a team of professionals that will make the entire process run smoothly from start to finish. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for the safety of the team and your home. We use the highest quality materials to ensure you have a superior floor!
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    Installation Process of Rustic Wooden Concrete

    Quick and Easy Installation

    The installation process for rustic wood concrete can vary depending on a new install or resurfacing. When you resurface your concrete, the first steps are cleaning and prepping the surface of the existing concrete. Any damage that is present, such as cracks, chips, or pits, will need to be repaired before moving forward. Once repairs are complete, we’ll grind the surface of your concrete with a floor grinder equipped with a diamond wheel to ensure proper adhesion of the concrete overlay. Next, the surface will be cleaned again to remove any dust from the grinding. Now, we’ll pour the overlay material and carefully stamp it with the wood design as it dries. If this is a new install, your fresh concrete will be poured into the specified area and stamped as it begins to dry. After the stamping is finished, your concrete will need to cure enough for us to stain it. We’ll stain your concrete with a blend of colors that will allow it to realistically mimic the coloring pattern of real wood. Finally, we’ll allow the stain to dry and seal the entire floor. The sealant will need a few hours to cure, and then you’re ready to use your new rustic wood concrete floor!

    Environmental Impact of Rustic Wooden Floors

    Help Save the Earth One Floor at a Time

    Rustic wooden concrete floors are not only superior to traditional hardwood floors because of their benefits but also the lower impact they have on the environment. An average-sized home can use around 30 trees to make their hardwood floors. When putting it on a larger scale for all the homes that have hardwood, that is a lot of trees. Each year millions of trees are cut down to create a flooring that can’t compare to the benefits of rustic wooden flooring. Many homes and even businesses are jumping on the concrete train not only because it is more affordable, but is also greater for the environment. Even when it comes to installation, all of our materials are environmentally friendly! Even further than installation, concrete is at the top because once you’re done, your concrete flooring won’t end up in a landfill! Concrete is a degradable material that won’t fill up a landfill. When it comes to sealing, even the sealers and coatings used on rustic wooden concrete are environmentally friendly. We here at Epoxy Flooring Jacksonville take our Earth seriously and want to make all of our processes as “green” as possible!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference in rustic wooden concrete and hardwood floors?

    While they may seem to look the same, the benefits of making rustic wood concrete floors stand out against traditional hardwood. Wood concrete usually runs anywhere from $2-$15 per square foot while hardwood is $12-$20, making rustic wooden concrete affordable. Rustic concrete floors are stronger and more durable than hardwood floors, not to mention they have a low impact on the environment.

    Will I need specific cleaners for my floor after installation?

    One of the greatest things about rustic concrete flooring is that there are no special cleaners needed for maintenance! Unlike hardwood floors that require special solutions so as not to damage them, rustic wood concrete only requires a broom and a little sweeping to keep it clean.